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Typically, before using WeMail, our clients were:
- Struggling with e-mail marketing tools such as Constant Contact.
- Tired of exporting lists that are instantly out of date.
- Frustrated with lack of measurement and knowing if their marketing is working.

Leverage your customer e-mail list using WeMail by Windward. Build dynamic e-mail lists based on your customers own purchase patterns. Setup auto responders that your customers will receive content based on what they purchase. Set it and forget it.

- A customer purchases a BBQ can receive an installation e-mail with instructions on how to ensure it is turned off.
- After a month they can automatically receive an e-mail on sauces and coupon for a Rotisserie option.
- Two months later they can automatically receive an e-mail on wood chips and smokehouse solutions.
- Three months later they receive an e-mail on cleaning tips and supplies you stock.
- Four months later welcome them to a "Beer can chicken" cooking class.
- End of season e-mail on shut down tips so they can restart their enjoyment next year successfully.

Increase your profit with your own customers. They know you, trust you and by marketing to their needs. You will increase your sales with higher margin accessories. With 500 e-mail addresses you can pay for WeMail with 4 e-mail campaigns. As your sales representative for more information or click here.

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